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Auto Repair Shops In Grand Rapids, MI

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Grand Rapids Auto Repair Shops

The first place we start in our quest to deliver the most comprehensive resource for Local Auto Repair Shops is a little big town of Grand Rapids, MI.

Grand Rapids holds a special place in my heart because it’s my hometown. I’m a sucker for the cold winter nights, and the hot summer days on the lake.

When it comes to Auto Repair in Grand Rapids, MI, there are a few places I recommend.

If you are simply looking for regular maintenance or tune-ups, I would visit some of the terrific Muffler Man locations throughout the city. The two that come to mind are the shops on Plainfield, and the one on 28th St and East Beltline. Many of the Muffler Man shops are owned by the same group, and have become known for outstanding quality work at more than reasonable prices.

If it’s heavy work you look to have done, I would look up a little shop called Al Tammingas Garage. Al’s has been in business since 1951. and they have a long track record of outstanding service and fair estimates.

If you need a complete and up to date list of the Auto Repair Shops in Grand Rapids, MI you can visit Auto Repair Grand Rapids MI

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June 3, 2011 at 11:03 pm

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